About Us


Established in 2008, Holland Marsh Wineries 22 acre estate is a reflection of family history for president and owner Roland Nersisyan.

Born and raised in eastern European tradition, Roland embraces wine as cultural symbol and appreciates the old world styles.
Starting with his grandfather, the process of making and enjoying fine wine has been passed down for three generations, thus fostering a passion for the industry.
Being a business graduate has allowed Roland to pursue his family tradition of making wine through his natural dedication to wine culture. Holland Marsh Wineries has become the perfect synthesis of sharing the winemaking experience with fellow wine enthusiasts, and introducing the Ontario Wine community with Eastern European flavour.

As a result, the team at Holland Marsh Wineries is hand-picked by Roland himself. His team consists of creative professionals who use a collaborative effort in order to bring every guest who walks through our doors, the highest quality of wines and service.