If You Like That, Try This!

Our St. Paddy’s Day Beer and Wine Comparison

We know not everyone’s as keen on wine as we are, but this doesn’t mean we won’t try to convert you. 
In honour of St. Paddy’s Day, here are our best efforts! 


For Lager Lovers…Try our White Cuvee!

 If you prefer lager, you may be looking for something light and refreshing to quench your thirst on a hot sunny day. 
 Our Sauvignon Blanc is full of crisp acidity and lively citrus notes.  It pairs beautifully with light and fresh foodsthe perfect match for lager lovers. (Irish-inspired food pairings: Deep fried pickles, prosciutto-wrapped cod with lemon aioli, and potato & leek soup.) 


For Stout/Porter Fans…Try Our 1st Reserve! 

Think rich and creamy. These beers walk the line between bitter and sweet, and they often feature smooth coffee and caramel undertones. 
As a stout drinker, you’re probably up for the full bodied complexity of our Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve.  Do you like the idea of a tannic punch in the face followed by a kiss?  Cabs like this one combine concentrated fruit flavours (like dark cherry and black currants) with ripe tannins, moderate acidity andthe best partsmoky vanilla smoothness from time with oak.  (Irish-inspired food pairings: Steak & mushroom pie, and slow-cooked lamb stew.) 

For Wheat Ale Drinkers…Try Our Dry White! 

Someone who enjoys wheat ale appreciates a healthy balance in their drink.  Wheat ales offer refreshing richness, and they can be equally smooth, creamy and sweet. 
Our 50/50 Pinot Grigio & Vidal blend is well rounded with subtle acidity, just a hint of the tropics and a buttery finish.
With its malolactic fermentation and a touch of oak, this easy drinking white is sure to fix all your ale-ments!  (Irish-inspired food pairings: Classic fish & chips, smoked salmon over buttered boxty with mustard & chive creme fraiche, and warm soda bread.) 

For the IPA Aficionado…Try Our Dry Red! 

IPA lovers are usually up for a challenge. The sweet fruity notes in IPAs often lose to extreme bitterness on the taste buds of the average consumer, but a well-trained palate can appreciate the subtle nuances in an IPA.   
This 50/50 Baco Noir & Gamay Noir blend is uberbalanced. Although easy drinking, it offers a cornucopia of characteristics from jammy red berries (Gamay), to woodsy, forest floor notes (Baco). (Irish-inspired food pairings: Corned beef & cabbage or bangers & mash.) 


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