The 8 Best Wine Descriptors You’ve Never Heard

Ever felt intimidated by the fancy lingo used by professionals during a wine tasting?  This list should make you feel better.

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  1. Horse sweat. One of our favourites (and our inspiration for this blog) coined by a fellow wine industry professional during a tasting at Holland Marsh Wineries.

horse sweat

  1. Dirty mushrooms. Another favourite (especially with steak, risotto or stuffed…).


  1. Barnyard. You might have heard of this one. Commonly attributed to the Pinot Noir grape, this aroma family actually belongs to a yeast strain called brettanomyces1.


  1. Fresh can of tennis balls. Ever seen the movie SOMM?

Two tennis balls covered in yellow fluorescent nap and having white curved rubber band. One of the balls is still inside a black plastic container with a shiny metal circular ending.

  1. Also, pool toys.

pool toys 2

  1. Band-Aid. (See also: Wine is rumoured to provide temporary relief from minor injuries. The theory suggests that, because it tastes so good, you forget what was bothering you.)


  1. Bacon. Our hungriest guest ever found that all of our wines had notes of bacon.


  1. Wet slate.  Please drink responsibly. We don’t want you to find out what this really tastes like.


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1 Stop reading footnotes!  This blog is for fun 🙂

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